Politico’s Word Blacklist is an Insight into Language Control – ReclaimTheNet 3/10/23

Source: ReclaimTheNet.org

In January 2022, news outlet Politico issued a style guide for its writers that bans the use of language that could be deemed “offensive.” The style guide, which was recently obtained by The Spectator’s Amber Athey, contains guidelines on language related to racism, transgender issues, and immigration.

The guide bans the use of gendered words like “man-made,” “mankind,” and “manhunt.”

The guide also bans saying that a transgender person “identifies as” a specific gender. It further bans referencing a transgender person as a “biological man/male” or “biological woman/female.” Instead, reporters should use “biological sex” or “biological gender.”

“Generally, avoid references to a transgender person being born a boy or girl, and opt for phrasing such as ‘identified at birth as boy/girl,’” the guide stated. “A person’s biology does not take precedence over their gender identity, and such oversimplifications can invalidate the person’s current, authentic gender.”

On the topic of racism, the guide says, “Unlike Black, white should not be capitalized in any instances.”

Reporters are also not allowed to use “pro-life” or “pro-choice” outside of quotes. Instead, they should use “anti-abortion,” “abortion rights supporter,” and “abortion rights.”…

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