CIA Played Key Role In Nelson Mandela’s Arrest & Imprisonment, New Evidence Shows – ZeroHedge 2/28/23


A newly unearthed interview along with declassified documents point to CIA involvement in the 1962 arrest of anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela by the US-friendly apartheid government. At that time, the height of the Cold War, Mandela was seen as part of the Communist opposition.

Time magazine in a new bombshell report asks the question, “Did the CIA Betray Nelson Mandela?” and comes to the conclusion that there was pivotal involvement of America’s most powerful spy agency.

The details are coming to light based on the work of Richard Stengel, collaborator on Mandela’s autobiography, “Long Walk to Freedom“. Stengel revisited an unpublished 1993 audio interview he had captured with Mandela, wherein the famous anti-apartheid activist and eventual South African president told him he had learned that an American consul with CIA connections had briefed South African authorities on Mandela’s travel habits.

This would help lead to Mandela’s arrest and imprisonment for 27 years as head of the outlawed African National Congress (ANC). Additionally now declassified CIA documents had labeled Mandela “probably communist” and confirmed that the agency had been closely tracking him anytime he went out of South Africa.

This was during the presidency of John F. Kennedy. According to Axios, “Taken together, Stengel says, the details add significantly to the evidence that the CIA was tracking Mandela and helped South African authorities arrest him as he was traveling from Durban to Johannesburg in 1962.”

And according to further details revealed in the Time report: …

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