BBC Bans Fans of The Archers from Posting on the Radio Show’s Facebook Page After Audiences Criticise its ‘Woke’ Storylines – DailyMail 2/25/23


The BBC has banned The Archers fans from putting messages on the show’s official Facebook page after they criticised its ‘woke’ storylines.

The Corporation, which launched the rural radio soap in 1951, told the 92,000 Facebook users ‘regular posting to this page is being paused’.

Diehard fans say the move is an attempt to silence critics who believe the Radio 4 show, set in the fictitious village of Ambridge, is focusing too much on politically correct issues such as climate change.

Prior to the ban, several fans had used the official page to vent their fury about recent plotlines.

While many accept that the show should reflect the realities of modern life, they also describe writers’ attempts to crowbar issues into storylines as clumsy and boring.

One listener wrote: ‘I have to say The Archers is just becoming a cliché. It’s script writing by numbers.

‘It used to have big storylines, everyday storylines, and a sense of humour. Now it just seems a box-ticking exercise of all the trendy issues of the day. Sad.’

Another added that ‘the current storylines don’t match the first, say five decades’.

In one episode, former eco warrior Kirsty Miller, played by Annabelle Dowler, made the case for an electric vehicle charging station proposed for a plot of land being sold by David and Ruth Archer.

She said: ‘We are going to need them if they’re serious about phasing out petrol and diesel within the next ten or so years… You can’t campaign for a greener future and then block the infrastructure that is needed to support it.’ …

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