A Contrarian Opinion Regarding The Massive Increase In The Use of Sedatives And Opiates In UK Nursing Homes In Early 2020 – Pierre Kory MD 2/27/23


Some Covid experts think that over-use of sedatives and opiates caused the increased deaths in early Covid. They even go as far as suggesting euthanasia was committed. I strongly disagree.

I am not disturbed by the data or reports of massive increases in the use of sedatives and opiates in the UK and elsewhere in early 2020. I believe people are interpreting these data malevolently, which is uncalled for and frankly, in my opinion, this shows an astounding amount of ignorance as to how those medicines are used in real life situations.

Before we get to the issue of increased use of these agents in the UK “care homes” (i.e not ICU), I think it is instructive to review what I observed in regards to their use in New York ICU’s in the Spring of 2020….

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