A Major News Service Finally Covered the Epidemic of Sudden Deaths – A Midwestern Doctor 2/24/23

Source: AMidwesternDoctor.substack.com

Ed Dowd was recently interviewed by Tucker Carlson (see below) about his book “Cause Unknown,” which I previously reviewed on Christmas Eve. Since the time that article was written, public opinion has continued to turn against the COVID-19 vaccines and more and more people are recognizing there is a wave of sudden deaths sweeping through the country (presently around half of America believes the vaccines are causing a wave of sudden deaths).

In 2021, the first year the vaccines entered the market, more safety signals than I can count had emerged that provided evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines were dangerous and needed to be immediately pulled from the market. However, rather than this happening, Biden (illegally) mandated them upon America, and now in 2023, the vaccines are still being pushed upon the population.

This dynamic illustrates a situation I first heard coined by Scott Adams—“facts don’t matter, persuasion is everything.” The COVID-19 vaccines were marketed with the most aggressive propaganda campaign any of us had seen in our lifetime (ironically illustrated by Adams finally admitting he fell for it), and as a result, regardless of what we said, for many, facts indeed did not matter.

Since nothing seemed to be sufficient to sway the opinions of those hypnotized by the narrative, each of us began looking for other ways to do so. Steve Kirsch for example, since 2021 has relentlessly pursued collecting as much data as possible to prove from every single direction that the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous and need to be banned.

I recently (and Jikkileaks for a while) have focused on compiling the evidence showing Pfizer committed fraud (e.g., in the clinical trials, its regulatory submissions, and its manufacturing process) since we believe fraud is something the legal system will actually pursue. Additionally, fraud provides a way for those who previously supported the vaccine program to flip sides (as they can blame their previous errors on being lied to rather than needing to admit their own deficits in critical thinking).

Ed Dowd has focused on utilizing a narrower set of evidence and tying it to one of the most persuasive arguments currently available for shifting the narrative. A statistically impossible spike in sudden deaths has occurred in the healthiest segment of the population and has happened in tandem with a spike in disability (this is why we are now having labor shortages).

This spike correlated to the mRNA vaccines being deployed, particularly when Biden mandated it upon our workforce. Large economic costs are ensuing from this wave of death and disability, and recognizing it is critical for protecting your investment portfolio.

I believe the message Dowd has put together is one of the best approaches available to us for red-pilling the public. This week, Ed Dowd was interviewed by Tucker Carlson and was able to broadcast that message to the general public in an extremely persuasive manner. As far as I know, this is the first time the sudden death subject has been broached by a major media company, and Tucker to his credit, provided the best platform possible for Dowd to present his case….

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