Cincinnati Closing Ohio River Water Intakes to Prevent Contamination from East Palestine Derailment – WCPO 2/17/23


Greater Cincinnati Water Works will close Cincinnati’s water intake in the Ohio River ahead of anticipated contaminated water from the East Palestine train derailment, the agency announced Friday morning. Closing the intakes is “out of an abundance of caution,” GCWW said.

The contamination is expected to reach the portion of the Ohio River from which Cincinnati draws its drinking water early Monday, GCWW said.

Jeff Swertfeger, superintendent of water quality treatment at GCWW said the time of arrival is subject to change, but the agency will continue to provide updates.

During an update on Friday, shortly after GCWW announced their intention to close the intakes, Governor Mike DeWine said the chemical plume in the Ohio River has completely dissipated, citing latest samples. Swertfeger said testing in Cincinnati and at other locations upstream have not revealed any of the derailment chemicals in the Ohio River; he added GCWW’s data has been consistent with data presented by DeWine….

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