South Korea Boosts its AI Chip Industry with $642M Amid ChatGPT Frenzy – LBCGroup 2/16/23


South Korea hopes to be a key player in fulfilling the new global demand for next-generation AI chips, and today the government put some money where its mouth is: the country’s Ministry of Science and ICT said it would earmark $642.5 million (826.2 billion won) through 2030 to invest in companies working on advanced AI chips. The investment will involve building new data centers, and working with AI chip startups and cloud service providers, among other projects.

The news touches on a couple of notable currents in the world of tech right now. For one, there is the current OpenAI/ChatGPT frenzy: recent advances in generative AI point to a future where AI could create a new wave of services and make existing processes more efficient, and so a lot of consumers and organizations — tech and non-tech — are considering how this could work for them. All that AI data crunching, however, needs immense processing power: cue an opportunity and demand for better chips and architectures to run those services more efficiently, and a subsequent race among companies and countries to be the ones to meet that demand….

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