Alberta Firefighter (Age 41) & two RCMP Police Officers (Ages 41 & 52) Died Suddenly – Dr.WilliamMakis 2/13/23


Devastating “died suddenly” tragedies coming out of Alberta, recently.

Edmonton Fire Fighters Union announced yesterday (Feb.11, 2023) that 41 year old firefighter Chris Kinsella died suddenly, off duty from a “medical event”.

I have been informed privately that he had been quadruple vaccinated (double boosted), and died suddenly from a cardiac arrest while he was participating in a cross-country ski race.

Two Alberta RCMP police officers have died suddenly

Aaron David Zimmerman, age 41, was an RCMP Officer living in Red Deer, Alberta. He died “unexpectedly and tragically” on a family vacation in Cancun, Mexico on January 25, 2023. Further details are not known at this time (click here).

Bruce Franklin Holliday, age 52 was an RCMP Officer living in Stettler, Alberta. He died suddenly of cardiac arrest on January 24, 2023 (click here)….

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