Vaxxing Risks for the Elderly – RonUnz 2/6/23


I’ve recently published several articles arguing that the national and international mortality statistics indicate that the widespread fears promoted by leading Covid anti-vaxxers seemed wildly exaggerated. Contrary to their claims, the data seemed to show little if any evidence that the mRNA vaccines had been responsible for any significant number of working-age deaths. Instead, most of the excess mortality across different countries was much more closely associated with health factors such as the national obesity rate.

I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction to my articles from the more moderate and rational vaccine-skeptics. Podcaster Kevin Barrett suggested that I’d made a pretty strong case and a couple of Substack writers reacted rather favorably, while other individuals in that camp such as prominent libertarians Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods Tweeted out my pieces to their followers:

Vaxxing, Covid, and International Mortality Rates
By Ron Unz

— Lew Rockwell (@lewrockwell) January 24, 2023

Ron Unz reviews the evidence and concludes that the COVID shots couldn’t have led to more than a trivial number of deaths. Where is his analysis wrong?

— Tom Woods (@ThomasEWoods) January 9, 2023

Age is the overwhelming factor determining the severity of Covid infections, with individuals over 60 having perhaps 100x the death rate of those under 40. Different countries often have sharply different age distributions and their mortality totals would be drastically influenced by this. Therefore, I sought to minimize this distortion by restricting my analysis to the 15-64 working-age population.

Also, since Covid death rates are relatively low in that age range, this allowed me to detect the possible “signal” of vaxxing deaths without having these swamped by Covid deaths. I concluded that working-age deaths due to Covid vaccinations had probably been negligible….

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