If You’re A Warehouse Worker, This Boston Dynamics Video Might Be An Ominous Sign – ZeroHedge 2/3/23

Source: ZeroHedge.com

Warehouse automation continues to accelerate as millions of jobs are at risk of being displaced. The latest automation nightmare for warehouse laborers comes from a new video uploaded on YouTube by Boston Dynamics.

In a press release, the US robotics firm announced that Deutsche Post DHL Group has successfully deployed the Stretch robot for loading and unloading boxes from tractor trailers at warehouse docks.

“Unloading boxes is a strenuous, physically demanding work process which can impact an associate’s ability to work efficiently. By automating this process, DHL Supply Chain explained, the operation not only addresses safety concerns but also the ongoing labor supply challenge by redirecting skilled labor to focus on value-add, strategic tasks in other areas of the warehouse,” DHL wrote in a press release. 

Translation: DHL is automating its supply chain and won’t need as many warehouse workers in the future. …

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