The Relentless Punishment of Critics of Israel – PhilipGiraldi 1/24/23


There were a couple of interesting articles that have appeared in the past several weeks that illustrate inter alia how the Israel Lobby operates when anyone dares to challenge America’s wag-the-dog relationship with the Jewish state. To be sure, the labels “antisemite” and “holocaust denier” are flung about with wild abandon as a first step, but there is a level of viciousness that goes well beyond that as the Zionists seek to ruin the reputations and employment prospects of those whom they target.

The first piece concerns our old friend the actor Mel Gibson, who initially crossed swords with the Jewish Lobby back in the 2004 when he directed and produced the movie The Passion of the Christ, which to the horror of organized Jewry actually included the New Testament’s account of the Jews demanding and taking responsibility for the execution of Jesus Christ. Mel, a political conservative and devout traditional Catholic, has since paid the price by his greatly diminished marketability in Hollywood. He also was vilified when he experienced a 2006 alcohol fueled traffic stop encounter with a cop, who may himself have been Jewish, and muttered “the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

It turns out that Mel, who had been asked to participate in a February Mardi Gras Krewe of Endymion parade in New Orleans as a co-Grand Marshal, no longer will appear after the group received “threats that cause us great concern” regarding the actor’s involvement. Lest there be any confusion, the Krewe’s offer produced an outpouring from the generic Jewish community that responds to such matters, to include the ever-vigilant Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans and the Jewish Community Relations Council. They released a joint statement describing how they were “appalled that Endymion chose Mel Gibson as the parade’s 2023 Grand Marshal to begin with. Mel Gibson has a long history of making antisemitic, racist and misogynistic slurs. While the actor has made half-hearted attempts to apologize for his remarks over the years, there is still a great deal of pain associated with his name and deep wounds in the Jewish community from those controversies, which may never heal.” The Jewish groups concluded “Given his history of fueling antisemitism and other forms of hate, we find his choice as Grand Marshal of Endymion was completely insulting and shortsighted. [Hopefully Endymion] will take the opportunity to learn why the selection of Mel Gibson caused such pain and disappointment to the Jewish community…”

So this is how it goes. Say anything critical of Jews or Israel, even if plausible or demonstrable, and there will be a coordinated effort by organizations like ADL that will go on forever to ruin your reputation and damage your career. To be sure, Gibson’s somewhat slurred claim that organized Jewry has been conniving and pushing for all of America’s wars over the past thirty years is not without merit. And as for those Americans who believe the First Amendment, freedom of speech, is the bedrock of all the fundamental rights protected by the Constitution of the United States, it is prudent to recognize how the immensely powerful and wealthy Israel Lobby argues that there should be exceptions to that principle, which are frequently defined as “hate speech,” to protect its tribal interests as well as its close ties to a foreign government. The Lobby works assiduously and openly to weaponize the conjoined concepts of “antisemitism” and “holocaust denial” to justify and validate any and all Israeli malignant behavior while also at the same time defaming individuals and groups who see things differently….

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