Pentagon Forced To Tap Unreported Ammo Stockpile In Israel To Support Ukraine – ZeroHedge 1/18/23


The New York Times this week has detailed more of the desperate behind the scenes scramble of US and Western officials to keep up the steady supply of arms and ammo, especially artillery munitions (155mm shells), to Ukraine in order to beat back the Russian invasion. It’s yet another significant acknowledgement of the Pentagon’s own dwindling stockpiles as it now must tap heretofore not publicly disclosed stores in Israel…

“The Pentagon is tapping into a vast but little-known stockpile of American ammunition in Israel to help meet Ukraine’s dire need for artillery shells in the war with Russia, American and Israeli officials say,” the Times reports. “The stockpile provides arms and ammunition for the Pentagon to use in Middle East conflicts. The United States has also allowed Israel to access the supplies in emergencies.”

Western backers of Kiev are currently also seeking to prepare Ukraine to defend against an anticipated Russian spring offensive, and Ukrainian forces need hundreds of thousands of rounds.

As for what’s being tapped from the Pentagon’s ammo stores in Israel, “About half of the 300,000 rounds destined for Ukraine have already been shipped to Europe and will eventually be delivered through Poland, Israeli and American officials said,” according to the report.

The stockpile in Israel has previously gone unreported, while another stockpile held oversees is also being tapped, in South Korea. Both countries have themselves thus far maintained an official policy of not arming Ukraine, with Israel in particular coming under pressure by both Washington and Ukrainian officials to send lethal aid….

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