5th-Gen Warfare Terms and Tactics – RobertW.MaloneMD 1/15/23

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“The deliberate manipulation of an observer’s context in order to achieve a desired outcome.”

So, what is fifth generation warfare and why does it matter?

5th-Gen warfare is an extension of Asymmetric and Insurgent Warfare strategies and tactics, whereby both conventional and unconventional military tactics and weapons are incorporated and deployed, including exploitation of political, religious and social causes. This new gradient of warfare uses the internet, social media and the 24 hour news cycle to change cognitive biases of individuals and/or organizations. It can be conducted by organized or unorganized (ergo decentralized) groups; it may be led by nation states, non-nation state actors and organizations, non-governmental organizations or even individuals. A key characteristic of 5th Gen warfare is that the nature of the attack is concealed. The goal is to disrupt and defeat opponents by creating new cognitive biases.

The most effective 5th Gen warfare strategies employed by those lacking integrity are not purely based on pushing false narratives, mis or dis information. The most effective strategies mix truth with fiction, and act to increase confusion and disorder in the thoughts and minds of those being targeted, so that they are not sure what or whom to believe.

Some have written that the term 5th-Gen warfare should only be applied to those opponents with fewer resources (asymmetric warfare), but this is not consistent with current practice. Large and small governments, transnational corporations, globalist organizations as well as ordinary citizens have learned how effective the 5th-Gen toolkit is and have utilized 5th-Gen warfare tactics to their advantage.

Abbot’s seminal “Handbook of 5GW”, published in 2010, states that:

“The very nature of Fifth Generation Warfare is that it is difficult to define.”

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic -Arthur C. Clarke.”

With this essay, my goal is to give you the tools to both recognize 5th-Gen warfare tactics and to help the reader learn to use these tools for him or herself in surviving the “information warfare” you are being subjected to, and to begin to master these methods and become a warrior in the 5th Gen battles that lie ahead.

Just to be clear, the concept of 5th generation warfare as being traditional “warfare” is not accurate. When the term “war” is applied, the concept of a physical war as a battle for territory using kinetic weapons looms large. This is not the case with 5th-Gen warfare….

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