What Fauci Knew, and When He Knew It: Preparing for and Preventing the Next Public Health Emergency – James Lyons-Weiler 1/11/23

Source: popularrationalism.substack.com

The House Investigation has been announced. Here are seven things Fauci knew and hid from the public. Witnesses are going to provide key facts that will break the spell over the rest of the public.

The following is a paraphrase of the opening round – the warning shot – by US Rep. Jim Jordan yesterday in which he used his time to outline seven facts that Fauci knew, and, more importantly, what Fauci did, and did NOT do, when he was made aware of these facts.

The video is provided below.

This does not bode well for Mr. Fauci and those involved in the cover-up.

  • Fauci understood that American tax dollars went to Ecohealth Alliance and that money was then funneled to the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab in China
  • Fauci knew EcoHealth Alliance was given an exemption from the pause on gain-of

    -function research

  • Fauci knew that the security standards at the WIV lab in China were deficient
  • Fauci knew that EcoHealth Alliance was not in compliance with its grant reporting requirements, and that failed to adhere to the standing terms of the funding contract
  • Fauci knew that gain-of-function research was in fact being conducted in

    the WIV lab in China

  • Fauci knew that the standard PICO interagency review process was not followed in approving the grant to Ecohealth Alliance

Fauci knew that the virus likely came from the lab where US Taxpayer dollars were sent, the same deadly virus outbreak led to six million deaths around the world.

Importantly, what did Fauci do when he had this information?…

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