Why Is The Vaccine Killing Our Young Men And Women? – AMidwesternDoctor 1/7/23

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A new study provides valuable clues about the toxicity of the spike protein.

Note: A detailed compilation of the epidemic of sudden deaths in our healthiest members of society can be found within Cause Unknown. Damar Hamlin was extremely fortunate to collapse where he did and medical care was immediately available, in almost any other setting as many of the examples within Cause Unknown show, he likely would have died (this has also been demonstrated for SIDS following vaccination).

I have long been interested in studying how pharmaceutical drugs injure people. Before COVID-19, while quite common, this issue was relatively unknown, because the media–which receives significant sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry–was rarely willing to cover this subject. Because of my interest, I’ve focused on trying to understand how the COVID-19 vaccines injure people, such as causing sudden adult death syndrome.

Presently, I believe the most probable culprit for the vaccine injuries is the spike proteins they produce. Almost all of the vaccine side effects I’ve observed have a mechanism that can be linked to a consequence of the spike protein, and the spike protein is the only common factor present in the following (all of which have overlapping symptoms):

•Severe COVID-19

•(Actual) Long-haul COVID-19

•mRNA spike protein vaccine injuries.

•Adenovirus spike protein vaccines (J&J and AstraZeneca).However, since most of the vaccines given were the mRNA ones (and thus most of the injuries arose from this platform), I also believe an argument can be made for the following contributing to these injuries:

•The lipid nanoparticles

•The mRNA itself

•Some other component of the vaccine.

Some of the complications associated with the mRNA vaccines can be traced to known effects of these other components (e.g., the artificial mRNA could be causing the immunosuppression observed), so they may be very relevant to what is occurring. However, nothing besides the spike protein appears to explain the broad spectrum of complications observed and has thus been my primary focus.

Before COVID-19 it was very rare for me to hear of healthy people dying suddenly (excluding one friend who died shortly after starting a psychiatric medication which I later learned had that side effect) especially deaths following a collapse in public. Because of how unprecedented it was, one of the initial things that really spooked many of us about COVID-19 was seeing recordings of these types of sudden deaths in China and Iran. Curiously, however, when COVID-19 arrived in America, even in the worst hit areas like New York, those same events never happened, which led many of us to conclude those initially reported events were most likely some type of propaganda campaign.

A key reason why medical injuries often go unrecognized and unacknowledged is because a single drug can cause so many different complications. Physicians in practice are often unlikely to see enough of a single specific injury for it to raise a red flag. Another common reason is a symptom may be generic enough that it is easy to write it off as being caused by something else, or not to have one’s attention drawn to the fact it happened.

Although the “Died Suddenly” phenomenon is immensely tragic, there is also one major upside—it is a medical injury everyone can recognize and associate with the vaccines (which as a previously discussed survey indicated, 28% of the American population appears to have done):

At this point, there are a variety of possible mechanisms to explain how the spike proteins from the vaccines ultimately kill people (e.g., through cancer). If we instead focus on the sudden deaths, there appear to be two primary processes occurring:

•Blood clots

•Damage to critical tissues

There are 5 different mechanisms that I believe can account for the highly unusual blood clots we are seeing from the vaccines….

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