Delta Introduces Facial Recognition to Match with Digital ID for More “Convenient” Travel – ReclaimTheNet 1/7/23


Delta Airlines has combined its airport face biometrics with in-flight personalization in a new platform dubbed Delta Sync.

Those that choose to opt-in to having their face scanned get more “convenient” features such as “seamless baggage drop, security, and boarding without the hassle of pulling out their ID or boarding pass.”

Delta will be using customers’ face biometrics to “check in” passengers and match their faces to their , which will include passport and TSA PreCheck.

The move is part of a broader push for facial scanning and digital IDs.

The platform also includes content personalization on the in-flight entertainment system. Partners for the in-flight entertainment system include Paramount+, T-Mobile, Resy, New York Times Games, and American Express.

The integrated system also includes food and beverage ordering through a touchscreen and Wi-Fi access.

The biometric facial matching system is available in Detroit and Atlanta.