The Coming Grand Jury Indictments of 2023 and Beyond – Dr.JosephSansone 12/30/22


Elon Musk continues to release incriminating files from Twitter that shows criminal activity. Censoring citizens regarding Covid, Ukraine, and Covid 19 bioweapons, all at the behest of the government. Covering up sensitive political information regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, and certainly, anything to do with fraudulent elections.

Recently, Elon Musk called out gain of function research, promoted by  Anthony Fauci, as a bioweapon. Musk is correct. Gain of function research is bioweapon development. Dr. Francis Boyle, an international and criminal law expert, has been pointing out for quite some time that Fauci and others are criminally implicated in the development of an offensive biological weapon in a scientific paper entitled,  A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence, published in 2015. Dr. Boyle, is also author of the 1989 Biological Weapons and Antiterrorism Act, and in his book,  Resisting Medical Tyranny, lays out a legal strategy of bypassing corrupt federal courts and seeking indictments in state courts. Statewide grand juries, utilizing state attorney generals, as well as grand juries utilizing state attorneys, and even county prosecutors where applicable, are part of this strategy. Indictments for murder and conspiracy to commit murder can be sought. Dr. Boyle asserts that once the first indictment comes in the house of cards will fall. This is also mentioned in my open letter to Attorney General Ashley Moody.

In another open letter I called for Governor DeSantis to hold a round table of experts and impanel a statewide grand jury. He did just that. I don’t know if he even saw my letter, the fact that he did it, I imagine it means that many others have been pushing for this too. The Florida Supreme Court recently approved Governor DeSantis’s petition for a statewide grand jury to investigate Covid vaccines and all things Covid. This grand jury does have indictment power. I do think the governor has crossed the Rubicon whether he knows this or not. Here is a recent interview with Dr. Boyle on Alex Jones. Must watch video.

As time goes on the evidence is going to pile on that these shots are not safe nor effective. A large new study from the Cleveland Clinic shows that the number of C19 shots are correlated with an increased risk of getting Covid. Of course, the clinical trial data obtained by court order in late 2021 showed the shots were not safe or effective. This information was available to the government in the early spring of 2021 before the massive rollout.

Although, there will be the full weight of the dark power we’ve seen on display since early 2020, seeking to tamp this down, I believe the genie is out of the bottle. The crimes that have been committed are too horrendous to ignore. Even as the global technocrats are seeking to smother this new movement for grand juries, it is likely that other states are quietly working toward forming their own grand juries. Keep in mind, as Dr. Boyle points out, it will only take one indictment, even at the county level, for the house of cards to fall.

This means that one prosecutor of the 400 or so local prosecutors in the United States needs to have the courage and the conscience to act. I’d wager that one of them knows somebody they love that died of cancer, heart attack, or a stroke, as a result of the C19 bioweapon shots. Or even worse, they may know somebody that is severely and permanently disabled.

Imagine if the C19 shot victims, instead of simply seeking to create online groups, started organizing and showing up at local law enforcement and their local prosecutors offices in mass. Sheriffs and local prosecutors are elected. True, elections in the United States are fraudulent now. Still, these prosecutors are human and will be looking into the eyes of both sympathetic victims and angry friends and family.

In other red states, Republicans are going to start asking why aren’t our governors or local prosecutors investigating the Covid vaccine crimes?

Fauci and Birx need to be investigated and prosecuted, but they are low hanging fruit. Pharmaceutical executives need to be prosecuted, assets seized, and companies dissolved. FDA and CDC officials need to be prosecuted. Hospital administrators that denied, and continue to deny healthcare to the unvaccinated, must face justice. Covid, and Covid mRNA shots are the greatest crime in human history. They truly are crimes against humanity and have endangered the human race.

The tide is already turning. Before we know it the conventual range of thought will be to seek retribution. There’s been plenty of denial and cognitive dissonance. Remember, anger is also a stage of grief and loss. Desmet’s ideas about mass formation psychosis are relevant and we’ve seen this on display over the past few years. It is also true that many are still held in the sway of Group Think, an earlier concept that Desmet draws upon. Mass media is holding people captive to these fallacious patterns of thought, but I see cracks in the dam.

The herd often turns into the animal pack. About two thirds of America have been exposed to a biological weapon in the form of C19 shots. Actually, if you consider the fact that C19 itself was also a biological weapon, everybody has been exposed to a toxin of some kind. This may easily become like the French Revolution, not in the economic sense, but in the lust for blood.

Back in 2008, the banks bought all the politicians and got bailed out, because they were supposedly, too big to fail. We have a similar situation and some will say that the mass murderers are too big to prosecute. Actually, I see the situation a little differently. It is not that they are too big to prosecute. It is that there are too many to prosecute. If we step back and examine the number of people that have been complicit in committing crimes against humanity, it is mind boggling. Coercing face masks, lockdowns, Covid shots, as well as coerced Covid testing and temperature taking, and so on. The number of people that have violated the Nuremberg Code is enormous.

However, the number of victims is even larger. This is why I see prosecutions as inevitable. It is true everybody can’t be prosecuted. The pharmaceutical executives, government officials, and hospital administrators, and academic administrators, corporate executives, that were complicit, must be prosecuted and face justice. Gates and Klaus Schwab, the folks at WHO and WEF need to face justice as well.

Somewhere we may see our first indictment by the tail end of 2023. Either way, the next decade will be about prosecuting the war criminals. I think the genuine level of fear that prosecutors and politicians will have as the public wakes up from the stupor will force action. When the spell breaks, when just about everybody realizes that they know people that died from these shots, there will be no choice, but to take action. When the fear of the mob outweighs the fear of assassination by the technocrats, that is when the prosecutions will go into full swing.

Eventually, we are going to see a situation where they either prosecute, or be prosecuted.