Watch: Media Dutifully Parrots “Zelensky Is Winston Churchill” Talking Point – ZeroHedge 12/23/22


U.S. media lapdogs spent all of Thursday repeating the talking point that Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky is the modern day Winston Churchill, following his embarrassing red carpet treatment by Democrats in D.C. earlier in the week.

As we highlighted, Democrats fawned all over Zelensky during his visit, to the point that even he was freaked out by it.

Zelensky walked into the Congress, gave an angry speech, raised a Ukrainian flag, collected another 50 billion dollars and complained that it wasn’t enough before leaving.

In the aftermath, Tucker Carlson noted how every media talking head repeated the same thing Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer had prepared for them, namely that Zelensky is the new Churchill.

Some have pointed out that this is highly ironic, given that Churchill led the charge to purge the world of Nazis, while in Ukraine they still enjoy relative immunity.

Referring to the repeaters, Carlson asked “How can any self respecting Americans sit there when some foreign dictator shows up wearing his work out clothes in the U.S. Congress and starts demanding, with a very apparent lack of gratitude, that we send him tens of billions of dollars when we are running out of money?”

“Because you’re not a self respecting American… you have no dignity, you don’t care,” the host continued, adding “you’ll say anything, you’ll repeat any lie, any talking point. And when someone from the DNC or the White House sends a note saying ‘compare him to Churchill,’ you do.”…

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