My Day at Yale – Dr.NaomiWolf 12/12/22


On Dec 3, 2022, very early in the morning, I took a car from my cozy hotel in Boston, to the open commons in front of Yale’s Old Campus. I alit from the car in nearly freezing weather.

Nothing was open. The early day was overcast. I had had no breakfast, and I needed coffee. The night before had been a late one for me, as I had made an evening business presentation. So I was cranky, hungry, cold and tired. I had nowhere to change or to brush my hair, so I did the best I could in the ladies’ restroom of the New Haven Public Library.

I mention the discomfort of the morning because it seemed to be emblematic of the icy shoulder which my alma mater presented to me.

I – we — were there to protest the “mandate” by the university of bivalent “boosters” into the bodies of the students; this was required of them before they could – and in order that they might — return to campus after Winter break.

Astonishingly, the faculty and staff — meaning, surely, the administrators too — were not thus “mandated.” (Harvard too has a similar “mandate” affecting students but not faculty).

We who were there to protest were outcasts, reprobates. Yet all we were doing there was pleading for the safety of the young men and women in the campus just beyond us.

There were about three dozen people at the rally and then at the march; a small, committed, straggling group. Parents of the university students were absent; students themselves were glaringly absent; administrators, faculty — appeared to be entirely absent. A few dedicated health freedom activists, organized by TeamRealityCT, and the speakers ourselves — stood vulnerably in a corner of the commons, shouting terrifying facts and urgent warnings into a crackly mic, into a heedless wind, expecting to be arrested….

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