Great Propaganda Tricks of Today: Changing the Meaning of Words – Preppgroup 12/3/22


Propaganda by the redefinition of words is a basic much-used device used by dishonest manipulative bastards since the earliest control cults decided it would be a splendid wheeze to have large numbers of human beings as their cattle or slaves. Its use by the enemies of humanity during the Covid psyop provides fine contemporary examples that illustrate amply how it is done. Understanding how these mind games are played frees you from mind control.

Increased understanding is the antidote to brainwashing and being alert and able to form your own ideas rather than being the effect of those inserted craftily into your brain is safer, more pro survival and more fun than being played by sly knobheads.

What does the word vaccine actually mean? When a president, governor, or prime minister refers to a vaccine, do they mean what you think they mean? Language naturally changes over time, but sometimes these changes aren’t organic, and when that happens it might be considered a war on words.

We’ve seen many things change over the last two years, from the way we interact with each other to how we spend our time. Some of these changes are impossible to ignore while others have been subtle and more difficult to pinpoint, such as a shift in the meaning of words and how those words are being used.

While they may appear subtle, these shifts matter. Unchecked, they can confuse, mislead, and even cause harm. That’s why it’s so crucial to be vigilant, identify these shifts, and take action. Before we explore some of the words and terms that have become weaponized over the last two years, we need to understand and appreciate just why this matters so much.

The Power of Language and Propaganda

Language is one of the unique attributes of being human. No other animal on this planet employs words to convey meaning or even has the physiology with which to do so. Languages themselves evolve, with words building up meaning over time. Words can trigger particular thoughts, emotions, memories, and ideas. This is why language is so powerful. Language shapes the way we think and feel and even how we perceive the world.

Many religious traditions revere language as the driving force behind creation. It’s certainly why governments and political parties seek to manipulate the power of language through propaganda. If they can manipulate the way people use and understand certain words, they can quite literally alter how people perceive reality.

This is why, whenever there is a conscious effort to exploit or manipulate words, it is important to pay attention. And we need to pay attention right now. Over the course of the pandemic, we have seen a new war on words in an effort to control whole populations and ‘nudge’ them into certain actions or behaviors. This has been done in two ways: either by exploiting the powerful connotations of a particular word and ransacking its meaning or by changing the definition of a word altogether.

Words and Phrases Under Attack

Here’s a quick look at a few terms that have been exploited over the last two years:

Safe and effective

In this instance, politicians and public health bodies have co-opted words with a strong, positive connotation for their own ends. Safe and effective quickly became a mantra used to describe the Covid-19 vaccines at a time when the data to back up the use of this term was still not yet available. Even today, in the face of official data demonstrating that the injections are actually risky and ineffective, this mantra is still being used. Just because someone repeatedly says that something is safe and effective, doesn’t mean it is.


Prior to September 2021, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) defined a vaccine as, “A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.”

Most would recognize this as a suitable definition. However, by this definition, the new mRNA jabs technically could not be defined as vaccines. They were never designed to produce immunity to Covid-19, only to reduce the severity of symptoms. Rather than call the mRNA technologies something more accurate, the CDC simply changed the definition of vaccine to, “A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

In making this change, the CDC argued that this was simply to avoid any suggestion that vaccines offer 100% immunity. When Merriam-Webster chose to alter their own dictionary definition of vaccinethey acknowledged this was in part to incorporate mRNA technology within the meaning. But who decides what vaccine means? There is a strong case for stating that since mRNA technologies do not function in the same way as previous vaccines, they should not be defined as such….

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