America: Broken by Digital Hallucinogens – Dr Naomi Wolf 11/16/22


This is the eve after a broken election, as broken machines count broken vote tallies, and as broken media “calls” outcomes. Everyone in legacy media is waiting “for AP to call the outcome,” which is sadly hilarious, given that AP has a Memorandum of Understanding that it won’t disclose fully to our Congress, with the news agency Xinhua, the CCP’s chief propaganda arm.

Treasonous media call a treasonous election process. []

In one state, the outcome is being overseen by one of the two main contestants — which is itself a true banana-republic level situation. [].

In my own state, New York, the opposition candidate conceded, to my disgust, when there were still 1.4 million uncounted votes. [] Why? Well, “NBC called” it – the day before. []

All those voters were disenfranchised.

The Statue of Liberty holds up her torch in the dark harbor, disregarded. It’s pretty much Moscow on the Hudson here.

CNN calls people who try to count the vote, as our forefathers intended, “election deniers” and worse. A Presidential candidate who has already made history once, is teasing a new announcement tonight as I write, and most of our legacy digital press has already consigned him to the trash bin of history before he has opened his mouth to speak. Facebook has already called him “off limits.” []

I may not like the former President, myself, but I know that that is not how our system is supposed to work. I want to hear what he has to say. He is a former American President. When former or current American Presidents are consigned to the trash bin of history by the digital press, the digital press is also spitting on and trampling, essentially, the American flag, as they are are thus befouling the will of half of the people.

All of this corruption and nasty trashing of our cherished ideals and symbols as Americans during an election, is taking place in a techie echo chamber in which human physical verifiable choice has been abandoned.

We have been here before, I shall argue.

Electronic “vote totals,” via electronic machines, with no underlying physical correlates “irl” (in real life), ping-pong their way to digital media announcements, which in turn are also taking place without any “irl” correlates. The physical reporters have not observed the physical vote; it’s all digital hearsay. These news stories (or “conjectures”) in turn bounce back again to inform those waiting for the mountingly dramatic announcements, which are being made periodically, by unaccountable election officials.

These guys in turn come forward to talk to the digital press, but they emerge out of dark centralized facilities from which media observers have been excluded.


Where are the totals? How do we check them? How does the reporter transcribing the announcement from Arizona, from Nevada, check them? How do we know that any of this is true?

As I explained in my essay about how electronic machines can cheat so, so very easily, we can’t check the vote — not without the code and our own developers — and the reporters there also cannot check the vote.

The reporters, if they are not technical, do not even know what to ask.

The people who voted can’t check the votes. The judges, if it ever came to a lawsuit, scarcely understand how to ask to check the totals.

The painstaking counting of paper ballots in the light of public scrutiny, by diligent middle aged ladies (for the most part) in sweaters and glasses, all of this observed in turn by diligent citizens, that I remember so vividly from 2000, and indeed from every election up until a decade ago, is no more.

The officials, the machines and the media are asking us all, voters as well as media, to take their word for what they have to say.

It’s all meta….

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