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Experimental, Never before Tested Novel Genetic Therapy Pushed in Pregnancy.

The Most Egregious Violation of Ethics in the History of Medicine

By: James A Thorp, MD.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

This IS the greatest disaster in the history of obstetrics and all of medicine. I testify that this unwarranted experimental gene therapy was NEVER indicated in pregnancy and was perpetrated unlawfully and with falsified data. Res ipsi loquitor. The facts speak for themselves. It was known by Schàdlich et al as early as 2012 that lipid nanoparticles (LNP) concentrate in the ovaries of mice and Wistar rats. The FOIA request of the Japanese Pfizer biodistribution studies confirmed that within 48 hours the “vaccine” was immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and concentrated in the ovaries 118-fold by 48 hours and the trajectory would have risen even higher had the animals not been sacrificed at 48 hours. This experimental therapy may have permanently damaging effects on the human genome for multiple generations or perpetuity and makes diethylstilbestrol pale in comparison. It was incumbent upon the stakeholders to have excluded long-term effects prior to rolling this novel experimental gene therapy out. The long-standing golden rule of pregnancy has NEVER allowed unknown substances to EVER be used in pregnancy.

A preborn baby near term-limited (gametes or germ cells) for her entire lifetime – only one million ova (eggs).  Men’s gametes (sperm) are continuously produced throughout life with estimates of over 20 million per hour. As argued in 2020, COVID-19 inoculations were NEVER necessary for pregnancy because there were ample data demonstrating that alternate therapies were available. Unfortunately, this truthful long-standing evidence was suppressed, altered, buried, and villainized by the medical-industrial complex for the sole purpose of paving the way for a lucrative experimental gene therapy masqueraded as a “vaccine”.

The narrative that the vaccine must be pushed in pregnancy is supported by many experts in part because of the long-held belief that pregnant women have diminished immune function to accommodate the fetus and are thus at much greater risk of dying from viral pneumonia. Maternal Fetal Medicine physician Beth Pineles in 2021 documents that pregnancy does not predispose to morbidity and mortality from viral pneumonia but lessens the risk.

Not only do the biodistribution studies document the disastrous concentration of the LNP in the ovaries adjacent to the precious and limited ova – the life of all our future generations – but it also concentrates in the thymus gland in fetal life, potentially rendering permanent harm to the “seed of the immune function for life”.

Alexandra Latypova, a pharmaceutical whistleblower, testifies (here and here) that the industry knowingly and purposely falsified and hid damaging data from the public in their reproductive toxicology studies. She provides internal documents with birth defects including rib abnormalities in animals’ fetuses, a condition in humans that could lead to lethal skeletal dysplasia. “They accepted fraudulent test designs, substitutions of test articles, glaring omissions and whitewashing of serious signs of health damage by the product, then lied to the public on behalf of the manufacturers” states Latypova. The damning Pfizer 5.3.6 post-marketing research documented unparalleled deaths after the “vaccine” in 1,223 patients (page 7) in less than 90 days and by all other historical standards should have been immediately removed from the market in December 2020. Pfizer attempted to block this release for 75 years but failed. The Swine Flu vaccine was immediately removed from the market in 1976 after only 26 deaths and a few cases of Guillain Bare Syndrome.

Pfizer 5.3.6 data absolutely proves the extreme danger of COVID-19 inoculations in pregnancy on page 12. Of the 270 pregnant women given the vaccine, 46% (124/270) had complications after vaccination (page 12) of which 75 were deemed “serious” and 49 “non-serious”.  Page 12 also describes “abortions”, “foetal death”, “foetal growth restriction”, “prematurity”, “premature rupture of membranes”, “neonatal death”, and complications in 17/116 newborns having breastfed after a maternal “vaccination”. Others have observed similar disasters in newborns after uneventful pregnancies in which pregnant mothers were given COVID-19 “vaccination”; This was NOT observed prior to the rollout of the COVID-19 “vaccinations”.

Albert Benevides, the worldwide VAERS expert, documents at least six newborn deaths occurring after mothers received the “vaccine” while breastfeeding.  CDC uses multiple tactics to diminish the astonishing death and destruction from VAERS associated with COVID-19 inoculations and reviews a variety of tactics that VAERS has used to hide and throttle these adverse outcomes (here, here, and here). Complications in newly “vaccinated” mothers’ breast-fed babies have suffered from a variety of complications including thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and severe “atypical Kawasaki syndrome”. At least one newborn death meets the Bradford Hill Criteria for causation with rapid deterioration to death after the first feed in a newly vaccinated mother.

There is extensive documentation of potential fraud, collusion and RICO violations documented by numerous experts. There was 1,366 peer reviewed publications in just 15 months documenting severe complications and death after the vaccine. Let that sink in. The peer-reviewed publications of COVID-19 “vaccine” adverse events in just 18 months far exceeds those published from ALL OTHER inoculations, ALL OVER the world in ALL OF THE PAST CENTURY.

The NEJM Shimabukuro article pushing the safety of the vaccine in June of 2021 is flagrantly false and manipulated to bury an 82% miscarriage rate, a rate that rivals the abortion pill RU486 also known as Mifepristone. Mifepristone carries a black box warning by the FDA and yet the stakeholders are pushing this experimental therapy in pregnancy women. The unprecedented false villanization of extremely safe and effective drugs is well established by completely falsified publications in the LANCET by Mandeep Mehra, by Shimabukuro NEJM, and many others falsifying manipulated data to take out extremely cheap, safe, and effective repurposed drugs including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. COVID-19 and the Unraveling or Experimental Medicine destroys the false narratives of the medical-industrial complex that have killed for profit and is published in a three-part series, Part I, Part II, and Part III.

The British Government advocates against the use of the COVID-19 “vaccine” in pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers and has remained steadfast in this stance. Using a classic tactic, underhandedly “buried” this recommendation deep in a sea of useless information. A brilliant strategy since their website will provide plausible deniability of liability if future litigation ensues.  “In the context of supply under Regulation 174, it is considered that sufficient reassurance of safe use of the vaccine in pregnant women cannot be provided at the present time: however, use in women of childbearing potential could be supported provided healthcare professionals are advised to rule out known or suspected pregnancy prior to vaccination” (verified 11.8.2022).

Multiple independent experts have published on the severe adverse effects of the “vaccine” in pregnancy and in the VAERS report (here, here, here, here). Our recent publication documents unequivocal danger signals from the VAERS report using the Influenza vaccinations over the past 284 months as a control group compared to that of the COVID-19 “inoculations” in just 18 months. Proportional reporting ratios (PRR) far exceed the CDC FDA danger signal of 2 in this study as follows:

1)    Increase in menstrual abnormalities increased by 1192-fold

2)    Increase in miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) by 75-fold

3)    Increase in fetal malformation by 20-fold

4)    Increase in fetal cardiac disease by 16-fold

5)    Increase in fetal growth restriction by 25-fold

6)    Increase in oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid) by 16-fold

7)    Increase in preeclampsia by 24-fold

8)    Increase in Fetal death by 38-fold.

Over 30 other completely independent sources are consistent with this data, even worse, consistent with Albert Benevides proof that the authorities are throttling and manipulating VAERS data to lessen the visibility (see the list below). These sources include UK Yellow Card, the European Medicines Agency EudraVigilance, the World Health Organization VigiAcces, and the World Council for Health.  ….

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