Banned By Google For Posting POLITICALLY Incorrect News Links – PoliticallyIncorrectNews 6/10/22


Last week, I received a notice that my weekly Privacy/Civil Rights links from May 16th, 2022 was banned for violating Google’s “Community Guidelines”.

To anyone who says America is a free country I say bullshit. When Big Tech bans authors from posting links to stories that they disagree with, then freedom of the press as we know it has been destroyed.

For fourteen years I have been blogging about privacy, civil rights and the surveillance state. And within the past 3-5 years, I’ve experienced soft bans on social media.

People tell me when they tried to re-post my stories to Facebook or link to my former blog (, they would receive a notice that my blog violated Facebook’s guidelines. I shrugged and said who cares, I don’t have a Facebook account.

When,, NewsGuard and started popping up and declaring alternative news websites and stories to be fake or propaganda mills I should have seen what was coming.

But all that changed when the first of Big Tech’s long tentacles decided to ban my ‘Weekly Privacy/Civil Rights News Stories’, stories that I have been posting since 2018.

Google claimed that I had violated their “guidelines” by posting politically incorrect news hyperlinks on May 16th and then unpublished it on June 7th….

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