America’s Full Spectrum Decline – GlobalResearch 5/12/22


“It is possible to live only as long as life intoxicates us; once we are sober we cannot help seeing that it is all a delusion, a stupid delusion.”  Leo Tolstoy

For an ever-growing number of Americans, life is becoming ever more difficult and precarious to maneuver for making ends meet.

Each subsequent year becomes more challenging. It seems that suffering has become an endemic quality to the nation’s character. However, not everyone has been suffering equally.

This national chronic illness is not uniform. Much of our suffering depends upon the institutionalization and negligence of previous injustices, the loss of social equanimity, economic heedlessness, and our leaders’ unmitigated greed and pursuit of power. Nor is everyone adversely affected by the shifts underway in the imaginations of the political and ideological universes.

The transnational corporate class has little motivation to respect or contribute to national boundaries and interests. They perceive themselves as global actors. For the generals and captains of neoliberal globalization, the puppet masters of financial markets, the Covid-19 pandemic only caused annoying disruptions in the quality of their lives. For the remainder, it has been cataclysmic.

Now that Washington acknowledges its proxy war against Russia, and the hawkish ambitions of the political class are determined to drive the economy into the abyss, we must pause and reflect carefully about what we want and don’t want as individuals and as a nation to secure a sustainable future.

This demands a deep and collective introspection into shared moral principles. It is no longer what we say or profess that guarantees truth or empirical significance. Rather what we actualize in our daily lives and as a society is going to determine whether the future will be liveable or not. Only our actions realistically convey the deeper values in the American psyche.

Therefore it is incumbent to ask ourselves harsher questions to realize the deeper spiritual poverty that defines American civilization.

Where were the large demonstrations against the trillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street and foreign banks when barely a penny was spent for the average citizen?

Where were the demonstrations against home foreclosures and the loss of small family farms?

What about debt drenched student aid, exploitative payday loans and exorbitant credit card fees?

There was no outrage against Obama’s broken promises on universal healthcare that brought him to the White House.

The single-minded attention on the pandemic has cancelled out 2.5 million homeless American children and 46 million adults and children who are food insecure.

At this moment where is a collective voice condemning the billions of dollars being given to the corrupt fascist regime in Ukraine to fight the Russian boogeyman as the rest of America further slides into a ghetto crying for energy and food?

Why no vocal outrage against the invasions of Libya and Syria, or the US’ ongoing support of rogue dictatorships, such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE for crimes against humanity in Yemen?

There weren’t and aren’t now noteworthy protests against any of these issues.

And yet these are unquestionable existential threats to our very democracy.

Bertrand Russell wrote,

“one should care about the world they do not see.” Should we not be planning ahead for the future of our children, grandchildren and ourselves instead of being incapacitated by fear?

The national popular disinterest in our past and present crises foreshadows something on the future horizon that does not bode well for the nation’s integrity. It is a simple principle to understand; yet so subtle it will likely go unnoticed until everyone is individually and collectively affected.

That is, there is an utter lack of honesty and moral balance throughout the nation’s body politick.

Like a bad case of herpes, government disinformation spreads across the media, which thrives on feeding the masses virtual images of a faux theatrical play and airing illusory icons and lies on our minds’ monitor screens.

The media’s Mummers’ parade of jesters, who masquerade as knowledgeable program hosts, intentionally distort their viewers’ perceptions of reality.  In our opinion, these are covert acts of psychological violence.  This is how control is exerted over our thoughts, speech and actions. In fact, it is only after people exercise their thoughts independently, with the certain belief that they have actual self-control over their lives, that they can arrive at the realization that their perceptions may be horribly distorted by the government and media working together.

Aside from the three federal branches of government that provide our rapidly deteriorating system a semblance of checks and balances, there is also what is commonly referred to as the “fourth estate,” the powers of the press and news media that control the framing of the political narrative and partisan issues. In the past, the media was expected to hold the government accountable by exposing its conflicts of interest, its misdemeanors, and systemic corruption.

The media’s moral mission is nearly extinct as it has now been fully captured by corporate interests. It is politically and ideologically aligned with Washington’s globalist agenda to dismantle the foundations of an authentic democracy and launch a Great Reset to suppress individual rights and liberties under the control of a technologically driven regime….

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