Meta Tightens the Reins on Anti-“Zionist” Terminology – Cindy Harper 7/9/24


Meta, the owner of both Facebook and Instagram, has taken a further stance in censoring content that uses the term “Zionists,” particularly in a way that conflates the term with Jewish or Israeli identities.

Previously, the term was tightly regulated only in very explicit instances. However, the revised guidelines now include a broader array of phrases where neither “Jew” nor “Israeli” are specifically mentioned, signaling a significant shift in policy.

The impetus for this policy enhancement came in the aftermath of the attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, 2023. This event has catalyzed several changes in Meta’s content moderation practices.

In defining “Zionist” usage, Meta acknowledges the complexity of the term, which is often employed in political discourse about Israel and its policies. While Zionism is historically linked to the Jewish movement advocating for a sovereign state in the Middle East, Meta is arguing that its current usage on social platforms can sometimes extend to implicit or explicit antisemitism and has expanded its censorship policies.

According to a blog post from Meta, content that attacks “Zionists” under antisemitic pretenses will now be removed. This includes insinuations of global control or comparisons to animals….

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