The War On Farming Continues: Denmark To Tax Cattle – Martin Armstrong 7/3/24


The globalist cabal needs to control the food supply in order to control the masses. The World Economic Forum proposed ending gardening in general. Every nation is watching their farmland bought in bulk, with places like America seeing land taken away through eminent domain laws. The UK imposed a tax on chickens simply to prevent people from having the ability to source their own food. Now, Denmark is implementing a tax for cow ownership.

Denmark has imposed a 672 krone ($145) tax per cow owned by any individual in an attempt to combat climate change. People must pay the government for the luxury of owning livestock as they are threatening the climate. The government has paid for scientists to back these claims and falsified studies that state that gardening or owning livestock of any kind threatens the existence of planet Earth. Like COVID, we are blindly forced to trust “the science” when it is clear propaganda.

This is a massive issue for Denmark where 63% of the total land area is used for agricultural production. The dairy cow population is about 546,800, declining 1.74% from 2022 to 2023, and the nation hosts 2.5% of all dairy cows in the European Union. About 3.6% of all milk consumed in the EU comes from Denmark. Yet, Denmark is pushing full speed ahead to meet asinine climate targets. The nation plans to reduce 70% of all emissions by 2030, in alignment with Agenda 2030, before becoming climate neutral in 2050….

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