G3P: Global Public-Private Partnerships and the United Nations – Robert W. Malone MD 6/27/24

Source: rwmalonemd.substack.com

Basically, the government leaders are bribed by business leaders to co-sign and fund imaginary threats that create policies that benefit connected businesses. Essentially, monopolies or oligopolies are formed where economic rents are extracted from unsuspecting populations. The connected business leaders gain access to insider knowledge on the policies coming and plan accordingly with government contracts coming their way first; then, they roll out their revenue schemes to the public. It’s fraud, the likes of which we have never seen. None of this would be possible without debt-based fiat money from central banks. I also suspect the intelligence agencies run enforcement for this group and blackmail those government employees without a conscience. They are either rewarded with plum jobs when they go to the private sector or with outright bribes.

Edward Dowd, former Blackrock investment fund manager

In our many travels and interviews, one of the most frequent questions involves some variation of “who are the puppet masters” behind the harmonized propaganda, censorship, PsyWar, and COVID crisis mismanagement that has now emerged from the shadows into full view of anyone who will not avert their gaze.

How is it that so many demonstrably false and counterproductive narratives are not only globally promoted but, once they emerge, are rapidly transformed into globally accepted public policies without significant debate or scrutiny? Repeated global harmonization of bad policy decisions not only implies but requires centralization. Globally centralized decision-making indicates the existence of some cabal, organization, or group with sufficient power, wealth, and influence to unilaterally deploy not only a globally harmonized PsyWar campaign but to promptly propagate governance decisions across a wide range of what were previously believed to be independent, sovereign nation-states. Based on this repeated pattern of harmonized priorities, cited justifications, actions, and messaging, it appears that centralized, transnational world (or regional) governments already exist in a functional, operational sense. Under the Westphalian system of autonomous nation-states that guides current governance and international relations, how can that be…?

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