RFK, Jr. Is Right: We Need to Disband NATO, Which Has Morphed into a Suicide Pact – Jason Scott Jones 6/24/24

Source: stream.org

Thanks to the recklessness of the Biden regime and its overseas catspaws, we are closer to nuclear war than we’ve been since the Cuban Missile Crisis. (Jacob Creech, who is behind the online alias known as “Clandestine”, an independent journalist on Substack and Twitter, writes):

WW3 Alert!

Russian MIL declare “terrorist” US responsible for deaths of Russian civilians in Crimea! Russian MIL report that US-made ATCAMS cluster missiles, assisted by US satellite reconnaissance, were fired by Ukraine into Sevastopol.

Russia claim they intercepted the missiles, but the fragments of one of them broke off, detonated, and the explosion killed 5 civilians, including 3 children, and injuring 124+ more.

Russian MIL claim that “such actions are not going to be left unanswered”.

Regardless of who or what you believe, the reality is, we are closer to nuclear war than we have been since 1962. The West, led by the corrupt and warmongering Biden regime (Obama), continue to provoke Putin, in the hopes that he will escalate. The Deep State are trying to initiate WW3, but need to make it look like Russia’s fault.”

-Jacob Creech.

Are you willing to die, along with your entire family and everyone you’ve ever known, to restore the 1961 borders of Ukraine instead of reaching a compromise and a ceasefire in its war with Russia? How about to ensure that LGBT ideology advances in Catholic Poland? Do you support the German establishment’s efforts to outlaw its most popular, patriotic political party? Or the EU’s blackmail of Hungary, fining it millions of dollars a day as long as it refuses to cede control of its immigration policy to Brussels?

Because those are the de facto missions of NATO, and the European Union which it protects with billions of borrowed U.S. dollars. Rather than having those nations spend money on their own defense, they can spend ours to censor their media, persecute biblical preachers who object to trans ideology, prosecute homeschoolers, and seize land from farmers in the name of preventing “climate change.”

The European Union was pioneered by faithful Catholic defenders of Western civilization who wished to escape the fratricidal slaughters driven by violent nationalism. But secularized elites inexorably took control of it, and now use its institutional power to persecute Christians and patriots. NATO is now the military arm of those elites both in Europe and America.

The anti-Christian oligarchs who rule Western Europe, increasingly despite the will of those countries’ peoples, rely on the NATO alliance to secure their independence with the threat that the United States will launch a suicidal nuclear war in defense of (you name the place: Turkey, Latvia, Finland, etc.). In theory, if Turkey went to war with Greece (not an absurd scenario at this point) we’d be committed to fight for each side against the other.

How did we get here? How did a treaty organization created to stop Stalinist Communism from conquering postwar Western Europe morph into an ideological evil empire all its own, decades after the real threat vanished and the Soviet empire collapsed into a shrinking, impoverished Russia that’s essentially an oil and gas patch with an oversized, outdated army?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who’s willing to ask tough questions about Big Pharma’s dictatorial power grab during the COVID panic, is raising similarly brave questions about the role of NATO. As The New York Post reported, RFK recently said, “It is insane to even keep NATO going. Russia lost the cold war.”

If you listen to intelligence expert Mike Benz, it wasn’t the West that won that war so much as the intelligence agencies in the U.S. and Europe who’d pioneered the internet (funded by the U.S. Department of Defense’s DARPA). They’d developed elaborate tools for influencing, even controlling, public opinion online to undermine the Soviets.

After 1991, they didn’t pack up that toolkit; instead, they started employing it against conservatives, nationalists, and Christians who bucked the agenda of secular globalists. Remember how YouTube promised to censor anyone who disagreed with the WHO during the COVID panic? How Facebook agreed when the CIA told it to silence talk about Hunter Biden’s laptop until after the 2020 election? Those weren’t outliers. They were the Matrix working as intended. (Below is an image of Mike Benz’ Twitter post, documenting 10 examples of the times that social media giants explicitly said they passed censorship policies because they were threatened by the Biden government.)…

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