Hungary Will Jump Off The ‘NATO Train’ Of Escalation As It’s ‘Hopeless’: Orban – ZeroHedge 6/23/24


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said in fresh interview that despite leading Western countries seeking the defeat of Russia in Ukraine, the situation remains “hopeless” for achieving this and it will only lead to greater death and destruction. He described that in the scenario the West actually does eventually succeed, the immense cost in blood and treasure would not be worth it.

“The situation looks like the Western world wants to defeat Russia with the help of Germany under the leadership of the United States,” the prime minister said, as translated in TASS. “I think it is hopeless. And even if we succeed, which is not at all realistic, we will have to pay such a high price that it will not be worth it.

Orban also addressed the origins of the conflict, related to NATO expansion up to Russia’s doorstep. Over a week ago President Putin named as one of his conditions for ceasefire that Kiev give up aspirations to join the Western military alliance.

“In the end, the question is whether Ukraine will become a NATO member or not. This war is about Sevastopol, where there will be a NATO flag or a Russian flag at the exit to the Black Sea. The Russians say that the Russian flag is flying there now, and they don’t want to change it to a NATO flag, and they don’t want to border NATO countries,” the Hungarian leader said.

Revealingly, he also during the remarks given to the Hungarian broadcaster (Radio Kossuth) hinted that NATO has plans in place to send a military mission to Ukraine. According to a machine translation, he said:

“I have agreed with the NATO secretary general: NATO will have a military mission in Ukraine, but Hungary will not participate in it, not even with money.”

He also declared that Hungary is getting off the NATO “train” of escalation, coming at a moment that both Brussels and Washington have greenlighted using Western weaponry to attack inside Russian territory.

“We have achieved the minimum goal, I agreed with the NATO Secretary General, Hungary will get off the train. NATO will have a military mission in Ukraine, but Hungary will not take part in it.”

Continuing the analogy, he made reference to the US election in November: “The driver could not be convinced, and now only Trump can stop the train,” he said….

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