Reuters Exposes Washington’s Global Disinformation Campaign: The Rest of the Story – Brian Berletic 6/18/24


In a recent article, Reuters confirms what many knew for years, that the United States government and its various departments and agencies have been conducting global disinformation campaigns targeting nations it seeks to undermine, and whose governments it seeks to overthrow.

Washington was Deliberately Harming American “Allies” 

The article titled, “Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic,” admits:

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. military launched a secret campaign to counter what it perceived as China’s growing influence in the Philippines, a nation hit especially hard by the deadly virus.

The clandestine operation has not been previously reported. It aimed to sow doubt about the safety and efficacy of vaccines and other life-saving aid that was being supplied by China, a Reuters investigation found. Through phony internet accounts meant to impersonate Filipinos, the military’s propaganda efforts morphed into an anti-vax campaign. Social media posts decried the quality of face masks, test kits and the first vaccine that would become available in the Philippines – China’s Sinovac inoculation.

The article reveals that the campaign was not conducted only in the Philippines, but across the rest of Southeast Asia and far beyond.

The US government campaign, carried out by the US military, was not conducted because it was actually believed that China’s Sinovac vaccine or any of the protective equipment it manufactured was faulty, but purely to undermine China.

Reuters would cite a senior military officer involved in the disinformation campaign who claimed, “we weren’t looking at this from a public health perspective. We were looking at how we could drag China through the mud.”

Reuters also interviewed doctors who admitted, “it put civilians in jeopardy for potential geopolitical gain.”

The US Military Wasn’t the Only Culprit 

As revealing and disturbing as Reuters’ article is, it falls far short of fleshing out the full extent of US disinformation, manipulation, and coercion regarding Chinese vaccines and medical equipment.

In addition to a large-scale campaign across social media conducted by the US military, the US State Department through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED, is banned in Russia) called on various opposition groups and political parties the US government had built up over the course of years in targeted countries, including in Southeast Asia, to amplify these same narratives both across the media, and even into the streets.

In Thailand, the US-backed “Future Forward Party” headed by billionaire-turned-politician Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit and his NED-funded opposition movement helped spread the Pentagon’s admitted lies and disinformation through a series of protests demanding the Thai government end cooperation with China and instead procure vaccines from the United States, and more specifically, US pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Mondera….

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