Former CDC Director Admits the Truth – Ian Miller 6/13/24


Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, anyone who questioned lockdowns, mask mandates, the lab leak, or school closures was vilified by the media, politicians, and the “expert” community.

Unproven policies without any supporting evidence, as even Dr. Anthony Fauci now admits, were suddenly immutable truths that could not be questioned. Those who did raise legitimate questions about the efficacy of such policies were labeled “grandma killers” or anti-science “freedumb” lovers.

Well, in a surprising turn of events you can now count the former head of the CDC as a member of the “anti-science” community. In particular was the role of Covid vaccines, and how influential Big Pharma was in pushing for indefensible mandates.

Dr. Robert Redfield discussed our pandemic response in a recent interview with Chris Cuomo and made some stunning admissions about how our Covid policies and mandates developed and were justified.

And suddenly those of us who claimed that masks didn’t work or that our response was a dramatic overreach don’t seem so “free dumb” anymore. But don’t expect apologies anytime soon.

Former CDC Director Discusses Lab Leak, Vaccine Rollout

Redfield, who ran the CDC for most of 2020, said he believes that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was working on vaccine development in the lab, and that its research was directly responsible for the release of the coronavirus.

This isn’t the first time that Redfield has spoken out about his belief that the virus spread as a result of a lab-related incident, but it takes on increased significance as Dr. Fauci desperately attempts to downplay his own role in gain-of-function research or the suppression of the lab-leak theory.

Redfield also shared how the rollout of the Covid vaccine played out much differently than it should have, while admitting that vaccine mandates were a disastrous mistake.

“I thought that these vaccines should be prioritized for nursing homes, prioritized for assisted living, prioritized for the elderly, over 60, 65, and yet that’s not what happened,” Redfield said. “There was this, everyone had to get vaccinated.”

That’s precisely what various medical voices like Scott Atlas and Jay Bhattacharya declared after the vaccines were released. And they were demonized, attacked, and labeled for their efforts. Now the former head of the CDC just admitted that should have always been the case.

Cuomo wondered why the priorities changed, asking, “Was it because of Big Pharma?” Redfield agreed, saying “Yeah, I think there definitely was a huge influence by the pharmaceutical industry, Pfizer, Moderna, I think you did, you know, you pointed out that there was a big push.”…

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