OpenAI Expands Lobbying Army To Influence Regulation – ZeroHedge 6/13/24


A new report from the Financial Times reveals that OpenAI is expanding its international lobbyist Army, aiming to sway politicians and regulators who are tightening their grip on artificial intelligence.

OpenAI’s move to expand its lobbyist team from three at the start of 2023 to 35 and soon to 50 by the end of the year comes after sweetheart deals with Microsoft and Apple to infiltrate billions of smartphones worldwide. Also, just weeks ago, the startup dissolved a team focused on ensuring AI safety.

“We are not approaching this from a perspective of we just need to get in there and quash regulations . . . because we don’t have a goal of maximizing profit; we have a goal of making sure that AGI benefits all of humanity,” said Anna Makanju, OpenAI’s vice-president of government affairs, referring to artificial general intelligence.

OpenAI’s lobbyists are being positioned in countries to counter the spread of AI legislation around the world. They’re being sent to Belgium, the UK, Ireland, France, Singapore, India, Brazil, and the US, countries where AI legislation is the most advanced. …

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