ICC Threatens Action Over ‘Intimidation’ Tactics As Netanyahu Arrest Warrant Looms – ZeroHedge 5/3/24

Source: ZeroHedge.com

The government of Israel is now essentially in a full diplomatic war with the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the possible impending arrest warrants which could be issued anytime for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top officials, including the defense chief.

The back-and-forth rhetoric has grown so heated that the Hague-based ICC has issued a new Friday statement warning against ‘intimidation’ of the court. While not naming Israel or any specific officials or actions, the statement warns that legal action could be take against those “threatening to retaliate” or else trying to “impede or intimidate” its officials and the world court’s work.

The ICC prosecutor’s office said that any threats against the court or its personnel could “constitute an offence against the administration of justice under Art 70 of the Rome Statute.”

“The office insists that all attempts to impede, intimidate or improperly influence its officials cease immediately,” the statement posted to X continued. It said it rejects any scenario where the court’s “independence and impartiality are undermined.”

Axios reported Monday that the Israeli government is growing “increasingly concerned” over the possible action, while Walla news has written that Netanyahu is “under unusual stress” over what will be a largely symbolic, albeit still deeply embarrassing reputational black eye for his government at a moment he’s facing immense domestic pressure at home to bring back the hostages….

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