‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 30: Nearly 10,000 People Killed in Gaza as U.S. Rejects Ceasefire Calls, Israel Continues Ground Invasion – Mustafa Abu Sneineh 11/5/23

Source: Mondoweiss.net

Hundreds of thousands protested in the Washington D.C. and around the world, calling for a ceasefire. Israel continues to target civilian infrastructure, using the “equivalent of two nuclear bombs,” says rights group.


Gaza: 9,770 Killed and nearly 26,000 Wounded

Occupied West Bank and Jerusalem: 152 Killed

Key Developments

  • Israel uses more munitions in less than a month than what the U.S. used in a year during its war on Afghanistan, or “equivalent to two nuclear bombs,” says European rights group.
  • Largest Palestine demonstration in U.S. history takes place in Washington, D.C., on November 4, attended by an estimated 300,000 people.
  • Israeli far-right minister: nuking Gaza Strip is “one of the possibilities.”
  • World Health Organization documents more than 100 Israeli attacks on healthcare centers, which led to the death of 504 people.
  • Israel bombs water wells and tanks, which serve more than 70,000 people in the Tal al-Zaatar area in Beit Lahia.
  • Hezbollah makes first use of Al-Burkan-2h, a short-range scud missile, to target Jal Al-Alam military base.
  • Israeli army announces the death of 30 soldiers, Hamas says 60 Israeli captives missing.
  • Chad and Turkey recall their ambassadors.

Israeli far-right minister: “nuking Gaza Strip is one of the possibilities”

Since October 7, Israeli occupation forces have bombed Gaza with 8,000 munitions. Satellite imagery analyzed by The Guardian shows earthquake-like damage caused by the bombings, which left nearly 10,000 craters. Israel launched bombardments on 12,000 targets. In an area half a kilometer wide, the Israeli bombs flattened an entire neighborhood, causing 100 craters in the ground. The Guardian reported that Israel used more munitions in less than a month tan what the U.S. used in a year during its war on Afghanistan.

But this seems not enough for some Israeli politicians.On Sunday morning, the Minister of Heritage Amichai Eliyahu suggested that “nuking” Gaza could be the only answer. He also said that the Palestinian population could go to Ireland or the desert.

“The monsters in Gaza should find a solution by themselves,” he said….

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