People Who Get More COVID Vaccines More Likely to Get the Virus, New Study Shows – Children’s Health Defense 5/31/23


The more doses of COVID-19 vaccines a person receives the higher the risk of getting the virus, according to a peer-reviewed study by the Cleveland Clinic.

The researchers stated that the increased risk of COVID-19 associated with higher numbers of vaccine doses was “unexpected.”

Commenting on the study, comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore tweeted:

Robby Soave, host of The Hill’s “Rising,” also commented on the study, saying the findings could not be disregarded as “anti-vaccine” because the researchers were not “setting out to disprove the effectiveness of vaccines.”

Moreover, the higher rate of COVID-19 infections among those who received multiple vaccine doses could not be rationalized by the notion that the individuals who received more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were elderly — and therefore already more vulnerable to getting a COVID-19 infection — because the study participants were relatively young.

The study participants were Cleveland Clinic employees whose average age was 42.

The researchers suggested that natural immunity likely played a role in providing protection against COVID-19 infection among those with fewer COVID-19 vaccinations….

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