The 2023 MET Gala: A Ridiculous Parade of Industry Slaves – Vigilant Citizen 5/2/23


The 2023 MET Gala gathered celebrities such as Doja Cat, Bad Bunny, and Lil Nas X. And nearly all of them wore ridiculous or embarrassing outfits. Why is that? Because they’re industry slaves and they’re treated as such. Here’s a look at this yearly parade of industry pawns.

Covering the MET Gala has become something of a yearly tradition on The Vigilant Citizen. That’s because, every year, this event manages to confirm numerous topics that are often discussed on this site.

Indeed, this yearly parade of industry pawns wearing ridiculous outfits perfectly showcases the twisted mindset of the elite and its complete disconnection from reality. Organized by one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world (CondeNast), this event also confirms an important fact: To be a star, you need to show submission to the elite and push its agendas. For this reason, numerous celebrities show up at the gala wearing outfits that are either embarrassing, humiliating, or that confirm their status as industry slaves. Just look at the number of men walking around in dresses at the event. It’s basically a ritual of submission….

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