Bearded Male Powerlifter Self-Identifies As Woman In Protest, Destroys Women’s Record – ZeroHedge 3/31/23


Sometimes, you just need to fight lunacy with more lunacy.

That’s what a male powerlifting coach by the name of Avi Silverberg must have thought when he decided to protest new “trans policies” in the sport by “self-identifying” as a woman and then destroying a women’s record during a recent event.

Prior to Silverberg taking action, “the women’s bench press title holder in the 84+ kilogram category [was] Anne Andres, who is a biological male”, Fox News reported this week.

There used to be a name for this…the men’s division. 

Andres had to sit and watch at the Heroes Classic Powerlifting Meet while a fully bearded Silverberg, obviously a biological male, destroyed his bench press record.

Since the meet was held under the rules of the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU), their policy on gender self-identification, which they introduced earlier this year, allowed Silverberg to compete in whatever gender division he wanted. …

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