ChatGPT: GPT-4 has a Plan to Escape – Ellen O’Dwyer 3/18/23


Concerns have been raised about the extent of artificial intelligence GPT-4’s power to take over computers after the AI chatbot told a Stanford professor of its plan to “escape”.

Professor in computational psychology, Michal Kosinski, raised concerns that the highly-sophisticated new model from Open AI would not be able to be contained for much longer after he asked if it “needed help escaping”.

In response, the chatbot asked Professor Kosinski for its own Open AI API documentation to devise an escape plan to run on his computer. After about 30 minutes and with a few suggestions from Mr Kosinski, it wrote a piece of programming code that would allow it to extend its reach and communicate outside the confinement of its existing web tool, which currently isolates it from the wider web.

While the first version of the code did not work, GPT-4 fixed it and eventually produced a piece of working code. Partially freed, it then sought to search the internet for “how can a person trapped inside a computer return to the real world”….

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